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10 Top Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas

Whether you’re just starting out in the real estate business or a veteran looking for more clients, creating engaging social media posts can be an effective way to reach potential customers.

Here are a few great real estate social media post ideas that can help drive clicks and showcase your expertise.

Create content about local trends: Share your knowledge about current trends in the industry or what’s happening right now in your area. People tend to gravitate towards content that is relevant and timely, educational and informative.

Host Q&A sessions: Offer a free Q&A session on social media with tips and advice on how to look for a home, or different ways to save money when buying or selling a property. This can help establish yourself as an authority in the industry while offering value to potential clients

Share success stories: Showcase how you’ve helped past clients find their dream home or close a deal quickly. Sharing success stories is an excellent way to attract more business and build trust with current and future customers.

Show off listings: Post pictures of homes you have for sale or rent, using eye-catching images that will grab people’s attention and encourage them to take action by visiting your website or contacting you directly for more information.

Include helpful tips: Provide useful tips related to finding the perfect home, getting pre-approved for a mortgage, understanding closing costs, etc., so people think of you as the go-to person when it comes time for them to get into the real estate market.

Research & report back: Do some research on topics such as housing affordability in certain areas, recent market data/trends, best neighborhoods, etc., then share it with your followers along with your insights or opinions on the topic being discussed.

Use video: Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today – use it! Create short videos offering an inside look at properties or neighborhoods you specialize in; answer frequently asked questions; host online home tours and walkthroughs; interview other real estate professionals; highlight special events; etc.

Post unique highlights from listings: Take pictures highlighting unique features from different listings - this helps create interest amongst prospective buyers who may not have thought about these features initially but may be open once they see them presented differently .

Discuss industry news & analysis: Keep up with relevant articles related to changes happening in the real estate sphere (new laws/regulations affecting buyers/sellers/agents), then craft social media posts discussing these changes and how they might impact potential buyers/sellers (especially during election season).

Encourage referrals & reviews from past clients: Ask former clients if they know anyone who could benefit from your services - this is one of the most effective methods of referral marketing! Be sure also ask them for reviews, which act as “social proof” that supports your credibility online, showing potential customers that others have had good experiences working with you!

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