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The Best Angles for Taking Real Estate Photos

When it comes to real estate photography, one of the key elements to getting great shots is finding the right angle. While this may sound simple enough, it can be surprisingly difficult to create photos that make your home look its best. Read on for some great tips about the best angles used in Real Estate Photography from the pros at Shutter Shock Media.

One of the most classic ways to approach real estate photography is by shooting from eye-level. This allows potential buyers to easily imagine themselves living in the space and can give them a better sense of what the property looks like in person.

Elevated angles can provide a more interesting perspective of your property which will add variety to your portfolio and set your photos apart from other listings. To achieve this effect, try using a step ladder and shoot from just above eye-level for an aerial view of your home.

If you want to feature certain architectural details from inside or outside the home, low angles can be a great way to see things from an entirely new point of view. You can achieve this by crouching down or even lying on the ground and capturing your shot at a low angle near the baseboards or around corners and doorways for unique shots with lots of character.

Take advantage of changing lighting conditions throughout the day. As light changes throughout the day, try taking more than one photo of each room at different times so you have plenty options when editing later on – no matter when potential buyers are viewing your listing, they’ll have access to great photos all day long!

Try out some creative tools. Don't be afraid to use creative tools such as wide-angle lenses or fisheye lenses if you're looking for unique perspectives and interesting shots that grab attention right away – these types of lenses offer fun ways to capture rooms differently!

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