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Understanding the Benefits of Real Estate Drone Photography

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Are you looking for ways to market your property that will set it apart from the others? Drone photography is an incredible, cutting-edge tool for providing an aerial prospective that grabs attention. Read on for information about the advantages and benefits of using drones in Real Estate Photography and how Shutter Shock Media can help elevate your property.

A Better Point of View

One of the main advantages of using drones for real estate photography is the ability to capture a property's layout and features from an aerial view. A drone’s elevated position provides a unique perspective that can showcase a house’s size, shape, architecture, and surroundings. Handheld cameras provide a personal point-of-view, but capturing dimensions and spatial relationships realistically is best done by drone.

Overhead drone stills can give prospective buyers another data point to help them understand what they're getting before they take an in-person tour. Is there a side yard? How big is that patio in relation to the grassy yard? How does the house, yard, and garage all relate to one another? For larger properties, drone video can do an incredible job of providing a similar sense of space on an even grander scale.

High-Quality Images

Drone cameras use advanced sensors that allow them to capture clear still images and video footage with great detail – even in less than ideal conditions such as overcast weather or low lighting scenarios. The wide range of angles makes it easy to capture detailed shots. This level of detail ensures your images will be eye-catching when posted on listing sites or social media channels.

Putting the Property in Context

Well-executed drone photography can showcase a property's context in an easily digestible, impressive manner. Sure, a map or a list of distances to various amenities can provide information, but a drone photograph puts a buyer in the setting. For example, they can see the condition of nearby buildings and properties, or exactly what landmarks are nearby your business, as if they are actually there. They can tell at a glance how convenient the property is to major roads, shopping, and/or how close they'll be to the neighbors.

Cost Effective Option

Drones are also cost-effective when compared to other traditional methods such as hiring a photographer or renting an airplane for aerial shots. They are reasonably priced and accessible for most budgets. Plus you don’t have all the necessary permits required from government agencies when flying manned aircrafts which saves time and money too! As drones continue to improve in quality but remain relatively inexpensive it makes sense for real estate professionals to add this service into their marketing plans for maximum exposure with minimal investment.

In Summary

Drone photography is a beneficial tool in marketing real estate, including showcasing properties with an aerial view, capturing high-quality images with great detail, displaying a property in context, and being cost effective.

At Shutter Shock Media, we've done our research! Drone photography is something we offer as a standard for all agents looking to stay ahead in today's competitive market! Throughout this blog we have shared some amazing drone footage to show just a fraction of what we can do for your listing. If you're looking for that competitive edge in marketing your property or business, visit us at to book.

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